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Amazing, life changing Lady Comp! - Katherine Brown's testimony

  • 02 nov 2016 | by: Lady-Comp UK

I can't recommend the Lady Comp enough, it has been the most positive, empowering decision I've ever made. 

Depressed from side effects of the pill, and allergic to latex I decided to look into natural fertility methods and found the Lady Comp Basic. 

It works on a colour coded system - green (non fertile) red (fertile) and yellow (not sure) though if you use the device correctly and take your temp every day, you'll get less and less 'yellow' days. 

I have none and I've been using the Lady comp for 7 months now. I can say in 7 months it has been 100% effective also tells me within a day or two of my due menstruation date, which is brilliant. 

It's great to travel with as it comes with a cute, discreet stylish leather pouch. 

I can't recommend the customer service team enough. They are friendly, intelligent and passionate about the product with a quick response time to any questions. 

Absolutely A class product!

Katherine Brown