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Can't live without it - the testimonial of Laura Helen Robert

  • 17 jun 2016 | by: Lady-Comp UK

I have been using the traditional Lady Comp for several months now and I have to say it has been a god send and has changed my life completely.

I was taking the contraceptive pill for ten years and had never asked any questions about it. What was in the pills, how they work, . It never crossed my mind until I took to a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

I found out how the pill was messing with my hormones and mood and decided I had had enough and came off it.

What to do now?

I hated the idea of anything involving hormones (which most contraception is made from) so I looked for something non-invasive and which didn't involve pharmaceutical companies.

After many weeks of research I found the Lady Comp. It was perfect!

I won't go any deeper in to my personal contraceptive lifestyle but I will say that this machine doesn't get enough press and has changed my life. Since using the Lady Comp I have learnt all about how my body works, when I ovulate, when I need to prepare for menstruation. And best of all, it is a very reliable natural contraception method!

Lady Comp has freed me from chemicals and improved my knowledge of my own body.

I would recommend it to anyone, especially those trying to take a more natural path in life.

Thank you Lady Comp!

Laura Helen Roberts