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My experience of Lady-Comp - the testimonial of Mrs Samantha Davidson

  • 22 may 2016 | by: Lady-Comp UK

I have used different types of the hormonal contraceptive pill over the years and I had felt side effects from all of them.  I often felt low, emotional and also from suffered overly sensitive skin when I took the contraceptive pill. 

I talked to my partner, now husband, about this because it was not supporting me or our relationship. We looked into the different options available and the Lady Comp seemed simple to use and it also had a great accuracy rate when used appropriately. 

We bought it 10 years ago, it has supported our family planning choices and has supported me to feel so much more content and well. I even took it with me when I travelled around the world for a year. 

I do not suffer from emotional ups and downs and part of this is because I have stopped taking the contraceptive pill and have learnt to understand where my body is in its menstrual cycle. Without it being complicated or time consuming learning about my cycle was a natural part of what happened with the red, orange and green system. 

Looking at the day in the month when I do my temperature in the morning is a great way of picking up why I maybe feeling a certain way, as in pre or post period. I felt it was important for me to contact Lady Comp and thank the company for creating a fantastic product that supported a great change in my life.

Warm regards,

Samantha Davidson UK