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Study indicates UK distributor's fertility monitoring computer Baby-Comp® helps women struggling with becoming pregnant

  • 16 jan 2016 | by: Lady-Comp UK

Get pregnant fast and naturally

A survey of women who use the natural fertility monitoring computer Baby-Comp® indicates that the device helps women who are struggling to become pregnant. 

The survey found that 75% of those who were childless before using the monitor became pregnant with the assistance of Baby-Comp®. 

Baby-Comp - an intelligent fertility monitor

Baby-Comp® is a fertility computer that uses advanced bio-mathematical projections, data from the cycles of over 700,000 women, and the data from a woman’s own menstrual cycle to determine and predict a woman’s fertile and non-fertile days with tremendous accuracy. 

The fertility monitor has emerged as Europe’s most trusted and recommended family planning monitor on account of its effectiveness reliability , and simplicity of use. It determines a woman’s ovulation cycles based on her morning temperature and informs her of her most fertile days. 

Ovulation and getting pregnant

Baby-Comp® also registers if a woman does not ovulate and notes when she has a hormonal imbalance, which may be responsible for early miscarriages (corpus luteal insufficiency) as the embryo cannot survive without a properly functioning yellow body. 

In a woman’s menstrual cycle there are six days when a woman is capable of becoming pregnant—five days before ovulation and the day on which she ovulates. Ovulation creates a small but detectable increase in body temperature when it occurs. 

Baby-Comp® uses daily individual temperature readings combined with data from over 700,000 cycles of other women and bio-mathematical forecasting to generate clinically proven accurate projections of a woman’s unique fertility times. 

Furthermore, it identifies different causes of infertility using statistical methods, making it an asset to those who are struggling with conception. 

How does it all work? 

Baby-Comp® uses a simple three-colour system to immediately indicate fertility status after temperature taking. Green means ‘infertile’, red means ‘fertile’, and yellow indicates the computer is still in the phase of ‘learning’ a woman’s fertility cycle. The fertility forecast indicates fertility status for the next 24 hours and following six days. 

Baby-Comp® learns and adjusts to women’s individual cycles regardless of their cycle time lengths or any irregularities. In addition to its accuracy and precision, Baby-Comp® offers women convenience and ease of use in their fertility tracking. Women receive the fertility computer already programmed with the time, date, and year in order to easily set a built-in daily alarm for the 30 seconds morning temperature taking. 

Baby-Comp® empowers women and their fertility awareness

Designed and manufactured in Germany, Baby-Comp is proven to be very effective at helping women to get pregnant in a natural way, and at minimising the need for invasive, expensive medical procedures such as hormonal therapy, and artificial insemination including in vitro, which results in many discarded human embryos (from many fertilised eggs only one is implanted). 

One customer reviewed how Baby-Comp® had finally empowered her and her partner with intimate knowledge of her ovulation cycles and how she finally conceived, after long periods of effort. “I got pregnant after one month,” she noted. “I had been trying for so long, but with your product I made it." 

Effective natural birth control without the need for any contraceptives and side effects

Fertility monitors also work perfectly well for natural family planning (natural contraception); allowing women to avoid invasive coils or pills. Studies have shown that taking pills or using a coil carries the risk of chemical abortion for all women, by their anti-implantation mechanism, which doesn’t allow the newly conceived embryo to attach to the mother’s uterine lining. 

Unfortunately many women are not given information by their doctors about anti-implantation, the risks they are exposed to, and the fact that these can be eliminated with a natural family planning approach such as the ovulation method. 

Author: Ian Myers

Source: Study Indicates UK Distributor's Fertility Monitoring Computer Baby-Comp® Helps Women Struggling with Becoming Pregnant via PR WEB

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