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Impressive safety

Safe and dependable fertility monitor from day one!

Lady-Comp® is an advanced fertility monitor with clinically proven reliability and the algorithm used in Lady-Comp has been successfully validated by over 28 years of use in Germany and Switzerland.

The quality standard of all business procedures at Valley Electronics GmbH is assured by international standards of ISO. As a specialist and leading manufacturer of fertility computers, we are committed to intense R&D work. Our products are regularly revised and updated.

All plastics used in devices have been tested for biological compatibility and fulfill the demands of German Institute for Standardization EN ISO 10993-1 and ISO 10993-5.

Reliability you can trust

The effectiveness of Lady-Comp has a clinically proven Pearl Index of 0.7, meaning it is 99.36% accurate and according to the newest studies: Evaluation of the effectiveness of selected natural fertility symptoms used for natural family planning our advanced fertility monitors achieved expected premium results. This makes the Lady-Comp® a world leader in terms of precision and accuracy. 

Consequently, our fertility computers are the leaders in natural fertility management and natural family planning method. With Lady-Comp you can achieve all your family planning goals 100% naturally, ethically and side effect free.

Why is Lady-Comp so effective?

Lady-Comp® uses a top-notch evaluation program to identify the fertile and non-fertile days. The fertility computer takes your basal body temperature (BBT) every morning when you wake up with the most advanced temperature sensor (1/100 degrees accurate). It then automatically compares it with its bio-mathematical forecasting software and stored information of all available family planning research. 

Lady-Comp® records, analyses, and stores your cycle curve and also compares it to hundreds of thousands of fertility cycles (a database of more than 700,000 cycles) to accurately determine and display your individual cycle. To evaluate your data, Lady-Comp will use an analysis process that was tested on several million cycles and continuously developed further over more than 30 years. Errors can be ruled out since the intelligent Lady-Comps's software monitors the measurement process and identifies errors on the spot.

In this way, Lady-Comp is able to provide the best fertility management, giving women the option of a safe and natural fertility management and reliable natural family planning method.

To read more about reliability, go here: Summary of published studies

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What is the Pearl Index?


In the medical field, the Pearl Index is used to report the effectiveness of a certain birth control method. As an example: if 100 women use a particular birth control method for one year and one woman becomes pregnant, the Pearl Index of this method is 1.0. Birth control pills have a Pearl Index between 0.1 and 0.9, diaphragms range from 1 to 3.