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Menstrual cycle

The following graph illustrates the individual processes of the female monthly cycle and shows how they are reflected in the temperature curve.

Premium effectiveness with a million cycles in built-in memory and bio-mathematical forecasting

Lady-Comp is programmed with all natural family planning research data, it contains a database of more than 700,000 cycles and uses bio-mathematical forecasting calculations as well as the very latest computer techniques. It is a personal, natural birth control / family planning monitor, which learns and adjusts to your individual cycle regardless of irregularities or cycle length. Lady-Comp is a one-time purchase without any recurring costs with a clinically proven accuracy of 99.3%. 

Our fertility computers are the leaders in natural pregnancy prevention and family planning, with premium reliability and without any side effects.

If you would like to know the full list of side-effects (i.e. cancer, infertility) related to taking hormonal pills or using an IUD (coil) and why they also act in anti-nidation way, by creating a hostile endometrium for a newly conceived embryo, please read: 

Your ideal choice - Lady-Comp or Baby-Comp?

For more about Lady-Comp's reliability and its features, please read: Lady-Comp - premium natural fertility management method

More about Baby-Comp fertility support for couples with conception difficulties, can be found here: Baby-Comp - for all women, who want to get pregnant quickly

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The menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman. An average cycle is assumed to be 28 days. Some women may have shorter (26 days) or longer
(33 days) cycles.

Generally, a woman will eventually have a regular cycle and the computer will use this personal, stable cycle as a basis for its calculations. After some time, if the user has regularly entered her monthly information, the computer will recognise this particular woman. 


Mrs S. usually ovulates on the 15th day of her cycle and her monthly period starts after 29 days. Lady-Comp / Baby-Comp can reliably identify it, because ovulation causes a slight, but easily detectable increase in the body temperature. Likewise, the temperature will drop back to normal when menstruation starts (defined as the beginning of a monthly cycle). This is the pattern on which the computer bases its calculations with clinically proven premium effectiveness of 99.36% to specifically filter out the six days of a cycle when conception could occur.