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Independent scientific & clinical studies

Several independent scientific studies have confirmed the efficiency and accuracy of LADY-COMP®. These studies were conducted by physicians on their own account and not sponsored by manufacturers. They have been published in expert journals around the world and are available in the DOWNLOAD REPORTS section below.

Prof. G. Freundl's research

The computers have been clinically tested several times by Prof. G. Freundl, former Head Physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Municipal Hospital of Düsseldorf-Benrath. The results have been presented at various medical conferences in Europe and prove Lady-Comp's premium reliability and effectiveness as a method of natural fertility management and family planning and with no side effects.

Other Lady-Comp & Baby-Comp clinical studies

Very early in their development BabyComp and later LadyComp were submitted for clinical tests. The results were always used to enhance and further develop the devices. In addition, our statements for the Pearl-Index are not based on our own studies but are the result of many clinical studies. 

Download reports on clinical studies summary:

Icon Effectiveness_Study_Summary_Prof_Freundl (217.5 KB)

Icon LC compared to clinical testing_Prof_Freundl.pdf (140.0 KB)

Icon Baby-Comp reliability (81.7 KB)

Icon Evaluation of the effectiveness of selected natural fertility symptoms used for contraception (Lady-Comp): (145.8 KB)

Dr. med. Andreas Marx's clinical study summary:  Effectiveness of Lady-Comp®, Baby-Comp® and pearly®

"The high measurement accuracy of the temperature sensors and the precise algorithm of the temperature calculation provide a high degree in method safety, which clearly stands out from competitive devices.

The handling and operation of the device is user friendly and easy - all relevant items which ensure a safe and correct application of the device are described comprehensibly in the instructions manual.

Several scientific investigations, which were published in recognized journals, provide substantial evidence of the contraceptive effectiveness and safety of the VE electronic fertility devices. All investigations and studies were conducted independently; none of the participating physicians received any financial grant nor had a relationship with the manufacturer, Valley Electronics, thus allowing the public to consider the independently published data to be reliable and objective."

ClevaMed Dr. med. Andreas Marx

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Clinical Trial

Trial of natural family planning effectiveness of Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp and pearly: test of 131 women and 2.843 cycles over 12 month. Field study in Poland. Results: user Pearl Index 0.64. Under direction of Prof. Ewa Markwitz, 2010.

686 women from Germany, Switzerland and Mexico participated in the most recent study for over two years. The study was conducted at the University Hospital in Düsseldorf and resulted in a Pearl Index of 0.7.

Clinical trial "Planning"

Under "Downloads" you will find a summary of the study conducted by Prof. S. Dessole and presented during the "International Meeting on Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology" in Porto Cervo in 1997.

We are the leaders in effectiveness

The reliability level based on the clinical research indicates that our fertility computers are the leaders in natural pregnancy prevention and family planning, with premium reliability and without any side-effects.