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The way to success: determine the timing of your ovulation and peak fertility

Many couples trying to conceive a baby, especially those with reduced fertility, experience much frustration and stress. Joyful expectations quickly deteriorate into disappointment.

Baby-Comp® can ease the stress of conceiving by accurately pin-pointing your days of optimum fertility in your menstrual cycle and help to solve individual problems with conception when trying for a baby.

Each Baby-Comp® microcomputer contains a database of over 700,000 cycles. The thermal sensor accurately reads the basal body temperature to 1/100th degree within 30 seconds. Baby-Comp not only invests the time and effort for you, but also is accurate and reliable with proven results.

Do you know when the most fertile days of your cycle are?

The fertility monitor takes your temperature orally every day when you wake up and automatically compares it to the stored information on hundreds of thousands of cycles of other women to accurately determine, analyse and display your individual fertility cycle. Baby-Comp® is not only highly accurate in forecasting your most fertile days, it also registers if you don’t ovulate or if you have a hormonal imbalance, which may be responsible for early miscarriages (CLI).

Menstrual and ovulation chart

Hormonal imbalances are recognised

The corpus luteum (Latin for “yellow body”) is a temporary endocrine structure that is involved in the production of progesterone; an important hormone in the female body, which develops right after ovulation. The corpus luteum is the tissue that surrounds the egg released from the ovary and produces the necessary progesterone, so that by the time the fertilized egg reaches the uterus, the uterine lining is ready to receive the embryo and it can implant.

Once the embryo has been embedded in the uterus, the placenta will take over the progesterone production and continues doing so for the duration of the pregnancy.

The corpus luteum is therefore a vital hormone in order to get and stay pregnant.

The presence of hormones and fluctuation in their levels do not go unnoticed by Baby-Comp, as each hormone brings about a temperature change, even if only slightly. 

Due to its highly sensitive thermometer Baby-Comp® can recognise increased temperature levels and also evaluates the length of such fluctuations, allowing it to detect a Corpus Luteum Deficiency (CLI), which is responsible for early miscarriages or any other hormonal imbalance.

With Baby-Comp® you are in good hands and it can serve both you and your gynaecologist as a valuable diagnostic tool in the evaluation of your hormonal balance as this is crucial to becoming pregnant and maintaining a pregnancy.

Baby-Comp displays pregnancy 

With Baby-Comp® you know when you are pregnant right away; Baby-Comp detects the temperature increase that occurs due to the hormones produced during pregnancy.

Baby-Comp® detects a probable pregnancy just 15 days after conception and by the 18th day Baby-Comp will confirm your pregnancy with certainty.

Baby-Comp® - dual purpose - all you need for natural family planning

Baby-Comp® fertility computer can be used not only as an effective support to achieve pregnancy, but also for natural birth control. With a highly precise fertility predictor and reliable ovulation predictor and state of the art fertile and non-fertile days calculator you can control and decide when and if you would like to get pregnant or naturally avoid it.

Baby-Comp's dual purpose family planning / birth control method can be achieved in the most natural, healthy and perfectly reliable, clinically proven way, without the need for any harmful contraceptives and with no side effects.

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Baby-Comp does so much more:

With its integrated cycle and planning statistics, the Baby-Comp displays further useful information necessary to successfully become pregnant:

  • Length of high level 
  • Corpus luteum level (CLI)
  • Monophasic (cycles without ovulation)
  • Cycle length
  • Temperature increase after ovulation
  • Ovulation – fluctuation
  • Amount of stored cycles
  • No graphs required!

Menstrual cycle data printout

You have the ability to obtain a free print-out and expert analysis of the last 250 days of your individual cycle data from Valley Electronics. This can be useful for your gynaecologist to analyse the reason for conception problems.

After birth - reliable birth control 

Baby-Comp can be used after the birth of your child as a reliable and safe natural family planning method without the need for any contraceptives and with no side effects  (Baby-Comp is based on the same functionality as Lady-Comp).