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Lady-Comp and pearly - the difference:

LadyComp® with integrated battery can be used without power after being charged. The cycle statistics on the third level are the memo for your individual cycle. If you wish for a baby, Lady-Comp can be upgraded with the planning program of the Baby-Comp.

pearly®, the youngster of Valley Electronics is for all users who value the portability of a small and effective fertility computer. It fits in any hand bag and therefore is always nearby; equipped with the same medical know how as the Lady-Comp, but is battery-operated and its layout is sheer minimalism. pearly® is the cool, young answer to the unbeatable classic Lady-Comp!

Lady-Comp® and pearly have the same premium effectiveness of 99.3% - that means that our fertility computers are the leaders in natural pregnancy prevention and family planning with accuracy equal to the most popular contraceptive methods.