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Get pregnant fast with Baby-Comp fertility monitor

If you would like to become pregnant without stress and avoid undergoing complex procedures, the intelligent ovulation and pregnancy monitor of Valley-Electronics is for you. 

Baby-Comp® precisely determines the best time to get pregnant based on your morning temperature and will alert you on the most fertile days of your menstrual cycle when trying for a baby.

Baby-Comp® digital fertility monitor does even more: it uses statistical and planning methods to detect various causes of infertility and thus helps to solve individual problems with conception and becoming pregnant.

Additionally, Baby-Comp's integrated conception planning software includes an optional gender prediction method (a boy or a girl) and provides confirmation of pregnancy with an accurate expected due date

All of that makes Baby-Comp® one of the top electronic pregnancy monitors available in the UK.

The Software Upgrade

It has never been easier to upgrade your new generation Lady-Comp basic® to Lady-Comp or your Lady-Comp® to Lady-Comp baby® with the all additional features. When you upgrade to Lady-Comp® you get the all unique features of our bestselling Lady-Comp fertility monitor®

Why Lady-Comp Baby®? This super advanced fertility monitor registers if you don’t ovulate or if you have hormonal imbalances, which can be responsible for early miscarriages (CLI). Track sexual intercourse, see gender predictions, receive earlier prediction and confirmation of pregnancy, even know the calculated date of birth based on the day of conception.

The upgrade software is sent to you via special update code and is super easy to install.

*Be sure to include the serial number of your Lady-Comp in the notes section at checkout

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Trying for a baby?

Tip: Determine the timing of your ovulation and peak fertility

In a recent American study, 276 women who had experienced difficulties conceiving, but then began using a fertility monitor were surveyed. Half of these women conceived after one month of using a fertility computer.

After just three cycles, 90% of the women had successfully become pregnant. On average, a couple would have already spent $6,500 on fertility treatments, and in some cases even up to $150,000.

More than 60% of these women had already been treated elsewhere, exposing their bodies to often stressful and costly procedures such as hormone treatments or artificial insemination (including IVF, which doesn't guarantee success and also results in discarded embryos).

You can prevent much of this stress and despair by observing your menstrual cycle and taking advantage of the best time to conceive a baby.

Organizing romance with your partner around your most fertile days will ensure that your dream of becoming pregnant - quickly becomes your reality.