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Lady-Comp UK & Ireland together with The Natural Family Planning Store are the only authorised distributors of Lady-Comp® for the UK and Ireland. Lady-Comp is manufactured by Valley Electronics headquartered in Germany.

The purpose of the company was the worldwide sale of Lady-Comp, the first natural contraception and family planning monitor in the world with the highest effectiveness, without the need for any invasive or hormonal contraceptives and with no side effects.

Since then, a team of gynecologists, software specialists, electronics engineers, and designers has been continuously engaged in improving the fertility computers. Today ‘Lady-Comp’ is CE, ISO-certified and is approved as ‘natural contraception’ device enjoying tremendous confidence among women as Europe's most trusted and recommended natural contraception / family planning monitor.

Supplying only the highest quality health, medical and family products we aim to continue our culture of business excellence.

Why natural methods of family planning?

All natural family planning methods are highly effective and healthy ways to plan or prevent pregnancy that have no side effects, are environmentally sound, and can improve your relationship through increased communication and real involvement of your partner.

Importantly NFP methods don't reject the complex biological clock and never harm a newly conceived life, as opposed to chemical and physical "birth control" methods, especially contraceptive pills and IUDs (coils), which very often act in anti-implementation way; while using them, a woman can still have breakthrough ovulation, which occurs frequently. Unfortunately a woman can still conceive an embryo, which because of synthetic hormones or physical intrusion (coil) can't attach to the uterine lining.

For the reasons mentioned above we always support pro-health philosophy, promoting the highest quality, safe and ethical products – and because your smile is the biggest compliment to us – we are determined to set new standards in women's healthcare.

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"I am a user of LadyComp. It is by far one of the best inventions in natural birth control & contraception - I can rely on my LadyComp. Thank you "
  • Leslie
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  • April 23, 2018