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"I use my lady comp for 12 years now and I think it's the best decision I have ever made for my body. No more hormones, just natural contraception in harmony with my body. And I can confirm that it works as I planned my pregnancy with it. I have recommended it to 2 friends one of whom tried for a baby for years without success. After using lady comp for a while she became pregnant as she was able to determine her fertile days. My other friend even used her lady comp to become pregnant on certain days of her cycle to determine the babies sex and it worked. We love our lady comp. It's easy and simply brilliant and well worth the money. How much would I have paid for the pill in 12 years? ;) Finally a big compliment to their fabulous customer service who responds very fast and is very friendly! Thumbs up! :)"
  • Mariska Fechner
  • Ripon, UK
  • |
  • Feb. 22, 2016