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Get in tune with your body. 

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and say goodbye to invasive contraception.

"A few years ago, I have decided to stop taking the Pill and have a copper coil inserted to prevent pregnancy. [...] I decided to do some research on monthly menstrual cycles and connecting with the body. I then came across Lady-Comp and their smaller device called Pearly. I was skeptical at first (after all, it is a computer device...) but changed my mind after reading the science behind it. [...] I have been using Pearly since September 2013 and so far, no pregnancy! After all, the German-made device is proven to be 99.3% effective. All you do is take your temperature using the device' thermometer each morning prior to getting out of bed (basal temperature). [...] I am thrilled to have discovered Pearly and think it was worth the cost. No more complications or side effects arising from the use of the Pill, IUDs and other methods. "
  • Paulina Rutowicz
  • London
  • |
  • Feb. 27, 2015
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