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"Laby-Comp has changed my life and I can not recommend the product enough. After having severe period pains for over 11 years and having tried every type of contraception, from the pill, injection and copper coil, nothing worked until I switched to Lady-Comp. In December 2016 I had my copper coil removed as I had just had enough of all the trouble and pain I was constantly in but I was suddenly left with a deep panic of having no form of contraception. My husband was not too concerned as we have been talking about having kids for a while but I found myself worrying and panicking every day regardless as I wasn't yet ready to get pregnant so quickly after having the coil removed. After trawling the internet in the week leading up to Christmas I bought my first Lady-Comp online from eBay (second hand). It arrived Christmas Eve and I began using it immediately. I was lucky that the day after getting my Lady-Comp I started my period which I believe helped Lady-Comp in learning my cycle a bit quicker, however following my 2nd and 3rd periods with Lady-Comp my pains stopped and I wholly and physically felt 100% better. The difference from moving away from a hormonal or invasive contraception was immediately noticeable and Lady-Comp became my lifeline. I have since learnt so much about my body and how it works, I don't take it for granted anymore as Lady-Comp keeps me in sync with my cycle and myself as a whole.I can fully vouch for the ovulation prediction as I only have one working ovary (the other has a blocked tube) so I only ovulate every other month and Lady-Comp knows this! This for me is invaluable as I am only able to get pregnant every other month but, with Lady-Comp's help I'm able to know exactly which months I can get pregnant. I have recommended Lady-Comp to EVERYONE I know, even selling my old Baby-Comp (which Valley Electronics UK very kindly fixed for me free of charge) to a friend of mine who is also blown away with the product. Other friends have also purchased Lady-Comp and are as amazed as I am - I honestly can not tell enough people about this incredible product, I'm literally always raving about it and I promise you that this will be a purchase you will not regret!"
  • Caitlin
  • UK
  • |
  • July 1, 2017
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